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Convergence Programs to Offer Access to Training by Forte Athletics

Stephen Goodman, President

Sep 21, 2023

With performer safety as the number one priority, Convergence will partner with Forte Athletics to help performers prepare for the physical demands of the indoor activities.

SURPRISE, ARIZONA (September 21, 2023) - Convergence Performing Arts is excited to announce that all individuals that register for auditions with one of Convergence’s indoor programs will gain access to Forte Athletics’ 6-week pre-season training program to help them prepare their bodies physically for the audition process. Access will be granted immediately upon registering.

In addition to the pre-season training programs, performers that are offered a contract with one of the Convergence programs will gain access to the 16-week intra-season training program offered by Forte Athletics. Forte Athletics’ training programs are tailored to the physical demands of each of the indoor activities, emphasizing various muscle groups that are specific to Indoor Percussion, Indoor Winds, and Winterguard.

“We are excited to offer this opportunity for our prospective performers to help set them up for success during auditions and into the competitive season. Performing in an indoor group takes a high level of skill and physical demand. By providing access to Forte Athletics’ training programs, performers will have access to experienced coaches who will help them enhance their physical abilities required for this activity,” said Karla Rahn, Director of Convergence Winterguard.

Information regarding auditions for the 2024 season is available at

About Convergence Performing Arts, Inc.

Convergence Performing Arts, Inc. was established in 2023 to enhance the learning and performance opportunities for performers in the marching and pageantry arts. Originally formed in 2015 as a scholastic organization, Convergence Performing Arts now offers competitive Indoor Percussion, Indoor Winds, and Winterguard ensembles for youth and adults in Arizona. To learn more or to get involved, visit

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